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Hire to produce all boxing gloves

Hire to produce boxing gloves (both training gloves and competition gloves) for you under your own brand.

Provide Muay Thai referees

Providing Muay Thai referees and all referees have a license to judge Muay Thai matches from the Sports Authority of Thailand.


Production Muay Thai shorts with embroidered sponsor logo and we also produce Ring girl sets.

Provide Canvas and LOGO Painting

Providing all sizes of boxing ring canvas and ready to paint the logo on the ring canvas.

Provide Champion Belt

Made to produce championship belts of all sizes, all materials, along with a belt box

Provide both Muaythai teacher and a famous Thai boxer

Provide a boxing teacher Or provide a famous Thai boxer who able to teach Muay Thai for competition. In addition, coordinating with all Muaythai gyms in Thailand for the foreigners who want to travel to Thailand to train with famous Thai boxers


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